Nominations were submitted ten minutes before the scheduled time, with Mamata fighting Shuvendu

# Yellow: 1:48 p.m. Mamata Banerjee reached the sub-divisional governor’s office ahead of schedule and submitted her nomination papers. One of the witnesses was Subrata Bokshi. There was local leader, block president Swadesh Das, there was also Abhishek Banerjee’s father Amit Banerjee. There is no extra crowd, the Trinamool supremo submitted the nomination in accordance with the rules laid down by the Election Commission. In other words, there was no official obstacle in the fight of Mamata Banerjee, the candidate from Nandigram. Rather, it was the beginning of the final phase of the struggle for control of Nandigram. Before submitting the nomination, Mamata asked the people at the staff meeting on Wednesday if there was any support. He was seen being welcomed by the staff.

The locals were waiting in front of the Haldia SDO office to see him since this morning. When Mamata started her march from Manjushree junction in Haldia, there was a huge uproar among them. The presence of women was noticeable. Some with flowers in their hands, some want their own Bengali daughter, they keep cracking their throats for Mamata with posters. Besides, local supporters of Nandigram also came with Mamata in 34 buses. The atmosphere was like a festival. When Mamata enters to nominate, they start chanting slogans outside.

It was said that Mamata Banerjee would return to Kolkata on this day after submitting her nomination. At the last moment he changed his mind. According to sources, Mamata can visit several more temples. Besides, he can talk about strategy with Abu Taher and Sheikh Sufis who will work for him in the upcoming elections.

According to sources, Mamata can also go to Ranichak and Sonachura. It is learned that Mamata will leave for Kolkata tomorrow morning after touching Shiva Temple. He is scheduled to release the manifesto from Kalighat on Thursday afternoon.

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