Not Dilip Ghosh, the BJP candidate from Khargpur is a newcomer

#Kolkata: There was strong speculation that he was the candidate. But in the end, the BJP poured water on those speculations. Actor Hiran, who has just joined the team, has been selected as a candidate for Kharagpur Sadar Kendra. The BJP announced candidates for a total of two centers on the day. Apart from Hiran in Kharagpur Sadar, local BJP leader Supriti Chatterjee has been selected in Bankura’s Barajora Kendra.

Hiran picked up the BJP flag from Amit Shah’s Namkhana meeting in February. However, there was uncertainty as to whether his name would be on the list of candidates. Despite announcing the list of candidates for the first time, the BJP has not announced any candidate in Kharagpur Sadar and Barajora. From this time onwards, new speculations started, there was a stir in the political arena, maybe Dilip Ghosh can stand for election in this center this time. Although the party did not comment on this, Dilip Ghosh’s track record and image as a candidate seemed to have tarnished his name.

The BJP did not have any stars in the list of candidates for the first two terms. Ashok Dindar is not the only cricketer to emerge. As a result, on the one hand, the question was whether the star would get a ticket at all, on the other hand, the possibility of Dilip Ghosh of Kharagpur Sadar was getting stronger. In 2016, Dilip Ghosh defeated Gyan Singh Sohanpal of the Congress and became the MLA of Kharagpur Sadar. Later, Dilip left the Center to contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Later in the by-elections, the BJP lost at this center. That’s why party supporters had headaches surrounding this seat. For now, the team is leading Hiran in a tough fight. Whether he can hold a smile is a question of lakhs of rupees.

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