The slogan is the song, how is the BJP’s theme song ‘No more injustice’?

#Kolkata: The BJP is campaigning in various ways in this year’s assembly elections by making Bengal a bird’s eye view. The party had launched the slogan ‘No more injustice’ last year as a counter to the Trinamool Congress’ ‘Tell your sister’. And this time the slogan became the song. The words ‘PC’, ‘Vaipo’, ‘Sonar Bangla’ are also mentioned in the lyrics along with the phrase ‘No more injustice’. Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee’s government has been directly attacked in this song. Corruption, embezzlement, lies, EVM rigging and other issues have been dragged into the song line against Mamata’s government. Coal theft and cattle smuggling have also come up.

The BJP has put a lot of emphasis on campaigning before the Assembly elections. A few days ago, a ‘Vote for Modi Dada’ poster was released using a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is as clear as water that the word ‘Dada’ has been used in contrast to Mamata Banerjee’s well-known name ‘Didi’. This time the campaign went one step further with the song ‘R No Nayai’.

Prime Minister Modi has repeatedly visited Bengal and encouraged the BJP to campaign. After the brigade last Sunday, Modi is scheduled to visit the state twice in 48 hours in March. The BJP claims that this time they will form a new assembly in Bengal after winning 200 seats. A few days ago, Amit Shah also came to the state and complained about the death of 130 BJP workers in Bengal. Amit Shah warned that those responsible for the death would be found out. This time the BJP is promising to give a new ‘Golden Bengal’ gift to the people of Bengal by releasing this song.

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