Three councilors leave party in Panihati

#Kolkata: This time the destination is Panihati. 3 outgoing councilors left Trinamool. Three councilors of the area, Kaushik Chatterjee, Beauty Adhikari and Perth Ghosh, left the party alleging nepotism against the party’s candidate and MLA Nirmal Ghosh. They were representatives of wards 9, 4 and 31 respectively

Recently, Trinamool Supremo has once again given a ticket to Panihati MLA Nirmal Ghosh. The wrath of the rebels surrounds him. Their argument is that Nirmal Ghosh has reserved the party posts. At the same time he is the MLA of the party, again he is the mayor. His daughters are councilors. As a result, anger in various quarters. The defectors say that Nirmal Babu has decorated all the party posts with his family members in front of him.

They complained that he did not want to do any work in the area with the councilors. No action was taken even after informing the leadership about this at different times. Recently, four or five councilors wrote a letter to the party’s top leadership. But there was no solution, that’s why this decision.

According to Kaushik Chatterjee, the outgoing councilor of ward number nine, the people of Panihati want an end to this family system. He further claims that those who are still with him but have kept in touch with other places inside the sleeves. Will explain to the team through ballot. However, Kaushik avoided the issue of joining the BJP immediately. He said that proposals are coming to them from the opposition parties. But still have not decided where to go. Decide today where they will go.

The Trinamool Congress, on the other hand, claims that no letter has reached them yet. But if there was any resentment, it needed to be said in advance. Their argument was that their intention was to discredit the party and go to another party before the vote of these three people.

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