Dismissed all allegations, stern letter to Trinamool Commission

#Kolkata: The Trinamool had raised serious questions about the role of the Election Commission in the incident of Mamata Banerjee’s injury. This time the commission dismissed all the allegations with a stern letter to the grassroots leadership According to sources, the letter also expressed displeasure that the Trinamool Congress had raised the question of the very basis of the commission.

The main allegation of the Trinamool leadership was that there was no adequate security at the Chief Minister’s campaign in Nandigram on Wednesday. Further questions are raised, why did such an incident take place even after the change of ADG law and order in the state, DG of Police?

On the same night, a letter was sent to the Trinamool on behalf of the commission The three-page letter said the incident with Mamata Banerjee was unfortunate and unexpected. This incident is also being investigated According to the investigation report, action will be taken However, there is no addition to the allegations made by the grassroots Because the DG of the state police was not changed suddenly The commission made the decision based on the reports of two police observers sent to the state.

In addition, the Commission has made it clear that under Article 324 of the Constitution, the Commission is responsible for conducting the entire process related to the election of Lok Sabha or Assembly. But it is not their responsibility to look after the daily law and order situation in the state As a result, if any political party complains about this, the commission should not consider it The letter also said that the manner in which the Trinamool had alleged that the commission was operating under the direction of a particular political party was insulting to the commission. The letter also clarified that the allegations made by the Trinamool Congress were not well received.

Speaking against the commission, Trinamool secretary general Perth Chatterjee said that the Election Commission had replaced the ADG first and then the DG. Overall, the commission is responsible for Wednesday’s incident more than the police This incident proves that the state administration is trying to change all the administrations by changing two in a row. Perth Chatterjee also practically questioned the neutrality of the commission

Trinamool MP Saugat Roy countered that the commission’s letter was arrogant. He claimed that the commission was trying to avoid its responsibility by making such statements

On the same day, the Trinamool Congress went to the state CEO’s office and complained about Wednesday’s incident. The Trinamool delegation went to the Election Commission headquarters in Delhi on Friday to lodge another complaint.

Kamalika Sen Gupta

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