Fighter Mamta, lying in the hospital bed is an urgent message for the staff! What did he say?

#Kolkata: He got serious injury on the day of submission of nomination papers. The legs are still plaster. Plaster may be returned. As a result, there was a buzz among the workers, ‘When will Didi return to the campaign?’ At the same time, party workers and supporters have started protesting against the ‘attack’ on ‘Didi’. There are also incidents of clashes with the BJP. The party leadership also fears that it may spread wrong message to the people. So the team leader has to come forward. He gave a message to the party workers from the hospital bed.

Doctors are yet to say when Mamata will return to the polls. But compassion means fighting. And the Trinamool leader wanted to give the message of that fight even from the hospital bed. He informed that if necessary, he will hold a meeting in a wheelchair. Various places in the state have been heated since the Nandigram incident. Trinamool activists and supporters have started protesting from side to side. Speaking to party workers from the cabin of SSKM’s Woodburn Ward after the incident on Wednesday night, Mamata said, “I would urge everyone to stay calm and stay well. Don’t do anything that will cause trouble to people. ‘ Although the doctors did not say anything, Mamata herself said, “I think I will be able to return to the field in two or three days.”

At the beginning of the video message, Mamata said, ‘I am telling my staff, siblings and common people, my time was very hard. I have a lot of pain in my head and chest. I was standing on the bonnet and saluting. Then the pressure came so hard, my car was crushed. At that time I took the medicine that was with me and left for Calcutta. I will request everyone to stay calm, stay well. ‘

Before saying Mamata, however, the same message was given to the party workers from the Twitter handle of the party. It is written, ‘We are saying to all party workers, everyone control your emotions. We understand your feelings. All updates on Mamata Banerjee’s physical condition will be given. But everyone keep the peace. Don’t do anything that will embarrass your sister. Everyone wish him a speedy recovery. ‘ After the meeting of the party’s selection committee in the afternoon, the party’s secretary general Perth Chatterjee made the same request.

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