‘If necessary, I will go in a wheelchair …’, was the first message from the hospital

#Kolkata: State politics has been in turmoil since he was injured. Trinamool activists have come down the road. In this atmosphere, Mamata Banerjee gave the first video message to the party workers from cabin number 12 and a half in Woodburn Ward of SSKM Hospital. The impression of fatigue on the body is clear, the tone of the throat is also dreamy. However, Damal gave the message to get on the road as always. Said, do not cancel any program. If necessary, hold a meeting in a wheelchair. Besides, Mamata also gave a message to the party workers to remain calm.

Mamata said, “I am telling my staff, siblings and common people. I had a hard time. My head and chest hurt. I was standing on the bonnet and saluting. Then there was such a loud pressure that my car was crushed on my legs. I am leaving for Kolkata. I would like to request everyone to stay calm, stay well. Don’t do anything that will cause inconvenience to people. I hope I will return to work in two or three days. I will manage my foot problems. In other words, Mamata Banerjee is returning to the campaign in the next two days. If all goes well, the Trinamool supremo will be on stage in Purulia on March 12.

Mamata Banerjee was injured in Nandigram on Wednesday evening. He alleged that four or five people deliberately pushed the car door. He was rushed to Calcutta. Mamata Banerjee started her treatment by forming a board under doctor Manimoy Banerjee. It is seen that he has a deep injury in his leg bone. Like the neck, the neck. It was at this time that the Trinamool leaders decided to go to the commission with allegations of motivated attacks. On the other hand, grassroots activists took to the streets.

The main concern of the upper echelons of the party was how the campaign plan would be possible without Supremo. The Trinamool has also called a meeting of the core committee today on the sudden pushing campaign strategy. Needless to say, Mamata Banerjee’s video message will give extra oxygen to the team in this situation. Most importantly, Mamata Banerjee in a wheelchair, politics-loving Bengalis will be looking to see how the BJP can resist this image.

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