Mamata Banerjee Injury in Nandigram: Trinamool rejects Mamata Banerjee’s car accident theory, protests across state tomorrow

#Kolkata: No accident A planned attack has been carried out on Mamata Banerjee in Nandigram Such is the demand of the grassroots leadership Meanwhile, Trinamool secretary general Perth Chatterjee said the party would hold a statewide protest from 3pm to 5pm on Friday to protest the attack on the chief minister and demand a neutral role for the Election Commission. Trinamool activists will hold silent processions with black flags in every district and block of the state

The Trinamool leadership has already approached the Election Commission and demanded a full probe into Mamata Banerjee’s injuries. On this morning, the Trinamool delegation went to the state office of the commission The Trinamool leadership will also visit the Election Commission headquarters in Delhi on Friday At a press conference on the same day, Perth Chatterjee alleged that the Election Commission was more responsible for the incident than the police Perth also raised the question as to why the Chief Minister was not given adequate security He said grassroots activists would hold a silent procession with black flags on Friday to protest the Election Commission’s neutral role and the attack on the party leader. The ruling party will hold the program from 3 to 5 pm across the state

Although the chief minister himself and the grassroots leadership claimed that Wednesday’s incident was a planned attack, a source claimed that the chief minister was injured when he hit a car door on a pillar on the road. On the same day, Perth Chatterjee claimed that the vehicle in which the Chief Minister was campaigning on Wednesday was intact. The chief minister was standing on a footboard under the driver’s side door and exchanging greetings with the crowd. The grassroots leadership claimed that if the iron pillar was hit, it would have marks on the left door of the car. But there is no such stain on the car door As a result, the claim of an accident is completely baseless

The Trinamool leadership alleged that four or five people pushed the Chief Minister into the crowd and forced him to close the car door. That is why the Chief Minister’s leg and other parts of his body were injured The car in which the Chief Minister was campaigning on Wednesday, in support of his statement, was also shown to reporters by the Trinamool leadership.

Trinamool MP Saugat Roy said, “BJP state president Dilip Ghosh and BJP state youth president Soumitra Khan said they will see what happens after the 10th. We saw that this incident happened after Mamata Banerjee submitted her nomination on the 10th We have strong doubts about it What did they think? ‘

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