Mimi shared the video on social media and Nusrat reacted strongly

#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been accused of injuries in Nandigram. Or he was brought to Calcutta immediately after making a green corridor from Nandigram with a serious leg injury. He is undergoing treatment at SSKM. Mamata has alleged conspiracy in this incident. He complained that 4-5 people deliberately pushed him. The chief minister also alleged that there was no local police officer near him at that time. After the incident, the state’s grassroots Congress activists, starting from the upper and lower political leaders.

After that, the party’s actress MP Nusrat Jahan erupted in anger on Twitter. Sharing a video, Nusrat wrote, “I strongly condemn the attack on our beloved leader.” Addressing the opposition in his post, Nusrat added, “You can try to hit Didi, but you can’t shake Didi.” At the same time, the Trinamool MP wished the leader a speedy recovery.

Another Trinamool actress MP Mimi Chakraborty also tweeted praying for Didi’s recovery. Addressing Mamata as “Queen”, Mimi wished the Chief Minister a speedy recovery in her post. Sharing a picture of Mamata Banerjee, Mimi wrote, “People of Bengal are praying for you. Get well soon.”

Incidentally, Mamata Banerjee suffered a serious leg injury on Wednesday on her way back from a religious function in Nandigram after submitting her nomination. It is learned that he was talking to the common people of Nandigram when he opened the car door. Complaints knocked on several doors at the time. That is why the Chief Minister got serious leg injury. He was seen to be in excruciating pain. “The chief minister himself said he was hit by a conspiracy. He will also lodge a complaint with the Election Commission,” Banerjee said.

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