No car, what is the amount of personal property? What Mamata has stated in her nomination affidavit

#Kolkata: No cars. No farming land. This is mentioned in the affidavit submitted by Mamata Banerjee along with the nomination. Mamata Banerjee submitted her nomination on March 10 as a candidate from Nandigram. After he went to Haldia and submitted his nomination, there have been many upheavals in the state politics. Besides, the amount of his property has also been known as he submitted the affidavit on Wednesday.

Trinamool Congress candidate Mamata Banerjee herself in Nandigram this time. He has been campaigning in Nandigram for the last two days. At the moment, he was injured during the election campaign and is currently admitted to SSKM Hospital. He submitted his nomination on March 10. In that nomination, he mentioned that he has 69,255 rupees in cash. However, he has a bank and National Savings Certificate. There he has 16 lakh 72 thousand 352 rupees 81 paise. Which is there as movable property.

Besides, he has ornaments in the amount of 9 grams and 750 milligrams. Mamata Banerjee has mentioned in her affidavit. Mamata Banerjee has mentioned in her affidavit that she does not have any car of her own. He has no land to cultivate. He has no place to do business or use it commercially.

Mamata Banerjee has no debt anywhere. He did not receive any ancestral property from family sources. He has no income tax left. He has no municipal tax or GST tax left. According to the affidavit, Mamata Banerjee’s annual income in 2018-19 was 20 lakh 71 thousand 10 rupees. In 2019-20, it has come down to 10 lakh 34 thousand 360 rupees. All the accounts of income and expenditure of the financial year have been given in this affidavit.

Mamata Banerjee said in the context of her educational qualifications, she received a master’s degree from Calcutta University. He graduated in law from Yogesh Chandra Chowdhury College. Four names have been submitted as proposers in Mamata’s nomination. The nominees are Abdus Samad, Swadesranjan Das, Mahadev Bagh. Besides, Sushma Maiti, wife of Bhagirath Maiti, a martyr in Nandigram movement, is also a proponent. Besides, Sheikh Sufian, leader of the Land Eviction Prevention Committee, has been made Mamata Banerjee’s chief election agent in Nandigram.

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