‘The game will be played with broken legs’, a new slogan was raised at SSKM Hospital

#Kolkata: State-Politics was in full swing with the slogan that the game will be played for so long Ruling party Trinamool Congress to BJP or Left activist supporters Almost all the leaders and workers of the team have heard the warning that the game will be played Trinamool supporters changed the slogan after Mamata Banerjee injured her leg during the election campaign in Nandigram. As a result, a new slogan was raised at the SSKM hospital, “When will you come again, friend? We will play with broken legs.”

Mamata Banerjee’s supporters and fans have been flocking to SSKM Hospital since Wednesday to inquire about her condition. A similar banner with this fancy slogan in the hands of several supporters was seen on the hospital premises on this day.

One of those who came to SSKM Hospital with the banner said, “Mamata Banerjee walks to the door of the people. But we think he was deliberately attacked at his feet to prevent it However, we know that even if he breaks his leg, he will go down to the field with that broken leg and go ahead with development, love and heart game. ‘

Mamata Banerjee has a slight crack in her ankle Plaster may also be applied to reduce swelling of the feet Doctors can decide on Friday when he will be released from the hospital However, the Trinamool Congress has informed that the Chief Minister will start campaigning from Saturday He will take the campaign by storm in a wheelchair, and the grassroots leadership is making arrangements at the meeting place. Wheelchair 8 is being prepared In a video message from the hospital, Mamata herself said that she will start campaigning again soon

Venkateshwar Lahiri

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