Trinamool is still lagging behind in publishing the manifesto

#Kolkata: The day of publication of the slippery grassroots manifesto. If all goes well, Mamata Banerjee would publish a manifesto from Kalighat on Shivratri today. But Mamata Banerjee’s injury at Birulia in Nandigram has watered down all plans. Currently, Mamata’s address is Woodburn Ward of SSKM Hospital. He must be under close observation for at least 48 hours. As a result, Trinamool is postponing the publication of the manifesto.

Wednesday was the day to submit Mamata Banerjee’s nomination. Everything was running clockwise. He left his house in Rewapara and went to Haldia. After recovering well, he came back to Nandigram. The excitement of the common people on the way was eye-catching. At first she decided to return to Calcutta after finishing her work, but Mamata suddenly changed her mind. He decided to go to Nandigram from Wednesday. Talk to ordinary people at your own center, talk to election agents and other comrades. Disaster from there. Mamata Banerjee was talking in a car in Birulia area. The door was open. Allegedly four or five people suddenly pushed the door of his car. Mamta’s legs, head and neck were injured. Mamata herself said, “4-5 people pushed me by plotting. There were no local police. I will inform the Election Commission.”

Mamata Banerjee was rushed to Calcutta through the Green Corridor. He was admitted to SSKM Hospital. After the doctors’ observation, the Chief Minister said that he had received a serious injury in his left ankle. There are also injuries to the soles of the feet. There are injuries on the neck and head. Mamata Banerjee is still in trauma. In this situation, the board of doctors wants to keep at least 48 of them under observation. Doctors say such injuries require at least a month and a half of rest. Let’s see how Mamata handles this situation. But it is needless to say that it is not possible for him to get out of the way right now.

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