Allegations of police brutality! He broke the truck driver’s hand as he could not pay enough money

#Kolkata: 7 allegations of oppression against the police Allegedly, the truck driver was the victim of police brutality. Unable to pay the money demanded by the police, the driver was brutally beaten by the police. Upon receiving the news, the owner Rajesh Sha took him to the hospital and treated the bloody driver. A complaint has been lodged against the police personnel in this incident. The incident took place at Budher Hati in Panchsayar area.

Lorry driver Ramesh Shah went to unload his sand lorry at a shrimp factory in the area. Allegedly at that time, the police stopped the car and demanded Rs 2,000. Ramesh refuses to pay. Then the two policemen left. At around 8 pm, when the driver was returning with an empty lorry, the lorry was stopped again by 6-7 policemen. They again demanded money. The poor lorry driver did not have that money. In the end, the accused policemen demanded that they have to pay one thousand rupees.

Even after that he could not pay and started beating the driver of the lorry. The police cut off his hand and started bleeding. When he was later taken to the hospital, the doctor suspected that he had a fracture in the bone of his right hand. The West Bengal Truck Owners Association is outraged by this incident. They went to the Panchsayar police station and lodged a complaint against the policemen who were on night patrol. Ramesh mentions that all the policemen who beat him at night were drunk.

Allegations that police brutality on freight vehicles is on the rise The amount of cruelty is so great that everyone from the owner of the lorry to the driver is struggling. The police are extorting money from the oppressed, on the transported goods. And Paresh Adhikari claims that ordinary people are buying goods with that extra money. When contacted by police on the matter, no reply was received.


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