Arjun sat outside the hospital for two days wishing for Mamta’s recovery

#Kolkata: The Thikthi crowd in front of the Woodburn Ward has been there since that Wednesday. All eyes are on the red house of old architecture. To put it more clearly, look at Cabin No. 12 in the Woodburn Ward. Because Mamata Banerjee is currently admitted there.

While Mamata is inside the SSKM hospital following the doctors’ advice on her leg injury, thousands of staff supporters are waiting anxiously outside. Arjun Sardar is keeping an eye on him. He is seen in various grassroots programs Especially in Chetla, Arjun used to attend Firhad Hakim’s political programs.

This time Mamta was admitted to the hospital after falling ill and Arjun spent the day outside the Woodburn ward. Arjun, however, claimed that he was a soldier of the party. One such soldier was in the role of a painter when the first name of the party was written on December 31, 1996. Sitting under a tree opposite the Woodburn Ward, Arjun said, “The first Trinamool Congress was written on the wall of the biscuit factory on Hazra Road at 12 midnight on December 31, 1996. I wrote that name on the wall. That’s the beginning. About 25 years have passed since then and Mamata is his leader So Arjun is sitting in front of the hospital knowing that he is sick.

Arjun arrived at the hospital on his bicycle on Wednesday evening. His bike worth watching. He appeared on a bicycle with banners, posters, flags and paper-cutting of Mamata Banerjee’s beating on Hazra Road. That bicycle of Didi’s faithful soldier is now one of the focal points of attraction His companion under the SSKM tree tree was a liter of tap water and biscuits. Many leaders are known to him. The well-known councilor told him to go home but the father of two daughters refused to leave SSKM. Didi’s faithful soldier said, “Let Didi go home first ৷ then I will go and return.” On hearing this, one of the top leaders of the party said, “This is Mamata Banerjee’s craze. Many leaders can leave the party without getting tickets. But the workers are still holding on to Mamata Banerjee.”

(Abir Ghoshal)

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