Is Mamata injured in CBI investigation this time? Speculation is rife

#Kolkata: Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee was injured in Birulia Bazar on the same day as she submitted her nomination as a Trinamool candidate in Nandigram. And immediately after getting injured, Mamata said, there is a conspiracy in this case. The Trinamool has already lodged two complaints with the National Election Commission. But the BJP claimed that there was no ‘attack’, Mamata Banerjee was doing ‘drama’. So let the CBI investigate. This time, a social worker approached the Calcutta High Court demanding a CBI probe into the incident in which the Trinamool leader and the Chief Minister were injured. Chief Justice TB Radhakrishnan also allowed him to file a case.

The social worker named Surjit Saha appealed to the High Court and said that the Chief Minister has three levels of security. But despite the way the Chief Minister was injured, there needs to be a full investigation. And in that case CBI intervention is needed. He also requested a full investigation into the whole matter. On the basis of his application, the Chief Justice has given permission to file a public interest litigation. At the same time, the social worker claimed that even though about 72 hours had passed since the incident, the police could not take any action. No arrests have been made.

After yesterday, however, a delegation of 7 Trinamool MPs went to Delhi and complained. After lodging a complaint with the Election Commission, MP Saugat Roy said, “Mamata has been attacked by conspiracy. The whole matter needs to be looked into. ‘ Earlier on Thursday, the state’s ruling party had raised serious questions about the role of the Election Commission in the case of Mamata Banerjee’s injury. However, all the allegations against the commission have been dismissed in a stern letter to the grassroots leadership. According to sources, the letter also expressed displeasure that the Trinamool Congress had raised the question of the very basis of the commission.

The state’s ruling party alleges that there was no adequate security at the chief minister’s campaign in Nandigram on Wednesday. Even the question is raised, why did such an incident take place after the change of ADG law and order in the state and DG of state police? At the same time, various statements made by Narendra Modi, Dilip Ghosh and Soumitra Khan have also been highlighted on behalf of the Trinamool. However, the BJP has been demanding a CBI probe since the incident. There is also speculation as to whether the BJP has any connection with the public interest litigation filed in the High Court on Friday.

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