Mamata Banerjee Health Update: Mamata Banerjee, Mamata Banerjee Health Update: Mamata Banerjee Health Update

#Kolkata: The doctors wanted to keep him under observation for another 48 hours But at the repeated request of the Chief Minister, the SSKM doctors were finally forced to allow him to return home. However, even if she returns home, Mamata Banerjee will have to abide by strict restrictions for the time being After seven days, the doctors advised the Chief Minister to come to the Medical Board again and examine the place of the injury

Manimoy Banerjee, director of SSKM Hospital, told the chief minister that he would be discharged. It was found that the blood clot in his leg had decreased significantly Ankle injuries have also decreased a lot However, the doctors wanted to keep him under observation for another 48 hours But the Chief Minister himself repeatedly requested to return home Therefore, he has been asked to abide by certain restrictions He has been asked to stay at home for the next 48 hours He was asked to return to the medical board seven days later to have the site examined.

Mamata Banerjee came out of the Woodburn ward of SSKM Hospital in a wheelchair at around 7 pm that day. He was accompanied by Abhishek Banerjee and Firhad Hakim The Chief Minister’s painful face was seen while being admitted to the hospital on Wednesday On this day, however, the Chief Minister was seen in a relatively relieved manner while leaving the hospital The Chief Minister returned home sitting in the driver’s left seat in front of the car However, the Chief Minister was seen sitting with his hands on his head while returning in the car It was understood that in the last forty-eight hours he had suffered considerable physical distress

According to SSKM Hospital sources, Mamata Banerjee’s leg pain and swelling have subsided but she is still in some pain. Most importantly, the condition of the Chief Minister’s feet can only get worse if he moves a little sideways. That is why the doctors have explained in detail to the family members of the Chief Minister as well as his bodyguards what rules to follow. However, the SSKM chief did not want to comment on whether the chief minister could start campaigning now. He only said that the Chief Minister and his family members have been made aware of the rules to be followed

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