Mamata Banerjee injured in door-to-door polls, Trinamool-BJP allegations in Election Commission


#Kolkata: Chief Minister and Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee was injured in Nandigram on Wednesday evening. Standing in Nandigram on the same day after being injured, the Chief Minister spoke of being a ‘victim of conspiracy’. The Trinamool leader had said from Nandigram on the same day that a complaint would be lodged with the Election Commission. On Thursday afternoon, counter-allegations against the Election Commission began over Mamata Banerjee’s illness. A three-member Trinamool Congress delegation first came to the Election Commission on this day to lodge a complaint. The three-member delegation included Derek O’Brien, Perth Chatterjee and Chandrima Bhattacharya. The BJP leadership came to the commission as soon as the Trinamool complained. On the same day, the BJP counter-complained about Mamata Banerjee’s illness.

Trinamool Congress general secretary Perth Chatterjee came to the Election Commission on the same day and made a sensational allegation about law and order in the state. He said, “As soon as law and order came under the purview of the Election Commission, the commission was showing an indifferent attitude. The law and order situation was maintained under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee. “The Chief Minister was already predicted to be hit. It is clear from the posts of BJP leaders that he may be attacked,” he said. The Trinamool Congress on Wednesday protested the incident, alleging that “the police are being deactivated. The responsible police officers are being intimidated. The BJP is doing what it says. The commission should take appropriate responsibility.”

Within minutes of the Trinamool Congress filing a complaint, the BJP came to lodge a counter-complaint with the commission. Shishir Bajoria and Sabyasachi Dutt came to the commission on behalf of BJP. BJP leader Sabyasachi Dutt put pressure on the commission and said, “We want the Election Commission to maintain its image and put before the public the video footage of yesterday’s incident. Why the Chief Minister was brought from Nandigram to Kolkata and why he was taken to a nearby hospital.” Isn’t it? ” BJP leader Sabyasachi Dutt was vocal on the day with the officers in the Chief Minister’s security. Complaining to the commission, he said, “He took four IPS officers to protect him. What were they doing? We demanded that they be suspended.” However, on the basis of grassroots allegations in the wake of yesterday’s incident, the BJP counter-claimed that the Election Commission was being “softly targeted” in the wake of the whole incident. According to commission sources, the complaint letters submitted by Khabar, Trinamool Congress and BJP are being sent to the National Election Commission.

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