Mamata Banerjee Injury: An accident or an intentional injury to Mamata? The report of the chief secretary was submitted to the commission

#Kolkata: State Chief Secretary Alapan Banerjee has submitted a report to the Election Commission on the incident of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s leg injury in Nandigram. According to sources, Mamata Banerjee was hit in the leg by a car door on Wednesday. However, the report did not say whether the chief minister was injured in the accident or whether he was intentionally injured.

The commission had sought a detailed report from the state chief secretary after Mamata Banerjee’s leg was injured in Nandigram on Wednesday. The report was asked to be submitted by 5 pm on that day According to the Chief Secretary’s report, a large crowd had gathered on Birulia Road in Nandigram on the day of the incident. It has been admitted in the report that the Chief Minister was hit in the leg by the pressure of the car door However, the report of the Chief Secretary did not specify how the car door slammed shut and hit the Chief Minister’s leg.

In this incident in Nandigram, two theories came to the fore The chief minister and the grassroots leadership alleged that four or five people in the crowd deliberately closed the car door with the intention of hurting the chief minister. Another source claimed that the accident took place when the car door was hit by an iron pillar on the side of the road. According to sources, the chief secretary’s report also mentioned that there were crowds in the streets as well as iron pillars. But the report did not say whether the pillar hit the car door. The report did not say whether the chief minister deliberately closed the car door.

After receiving the report of the Chief Secretary of the state, the officials of the Election Commission are examining it After discussing the report, if necessary, action may be taken against the officials in charge of the Chief Minister’s security.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was released from hospital on the same day after being injured in Nandigram. On the other hand, the Trinamool delegation went to the Election Commission in Delhi on the same day and lodged a complaint

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