Tomorrow’s relief – today’s unfortunate, the grassroots will not be able to fight for one seat in Bengal! Why?

#Kolkata: The ‘accident’ happened. But the Trinamool overcame that incident with the verdict of the single bench of the Calcutta High Court. But the ruling party of the state came under pressure again with the verdict of the division bench of that high court. Following the order of the Division Bench of the High Court, the situation was such that the ruling party Trinamool had to contest 293 seats in the next Assembly polls. This is because the Election Commission had canceled the nomination of a Trinamool candidate for a seat in the first round of voting. Ujjwal Kumar, a candidate from the ruling party in Jaipur, Purulia, submitted a flawed nomination. The Trinamool had no chance of fielding any other candidate in the last day of submission of nomination papers. But then the ruling party approached the court. After that, the single bench directed to accept the nomination of the Trinamool candidate. But then the Election Commission went to the division bench of the High Court. And in the context of that appeal, this time the High Court upheld the decision of the Election Commission regarding the nomination of the Trinamool candidate. In other words, Ujjwal Kumar will not be able to fight in the polls. At the same time, the independent candidates from Jaipur and Baghmundi will not be able to contest in the polls, the division bench said.

Mamata Banerjee chose Ujjwal Kumar as the Trinamool candidate in the Jaipur constituency of Purulia. The Election Commission canceled his nomination. After that, it was decided to go to the High Court against the decision of the commission on behalf of the district leadership including the grassroots leadership of Jaipur assembly. In the wake of the case on Thursday, Calcutta High Court Justice Sabyasachi Bhattacharya said, “The error in the nomination of that candidate is very small. For this reason, the nomination should not be canceled. Therefore, the court directed the Election Commission to accept the previous nomination papers of Ujjwal Kumar. In that case, he will not need to submit a new nomination. But the Election Commission went to the division bench against that verdict. And it is practically a grassroots defeat.

Leaders of the party are joining the BJP in the atmosphere of voting. Meanwhile, party leader Mamata Banerjee was admitted to the hospital with injuries. During this difficult time, the Trinamool came under pressure as the nomination of the ruling party’s candidate Ujjwal Kumar was canceled.

However, candidate Ujjwal Kumar said that his nomination was canceled, adding that those in charge would be able to explain why his nomination was canceled. However, the district grassroots leadership did not agree to take that responsibility, but later it was decided that the High Court will be approached. Similarly, when the case came up in the High Court on Thursday, the single bench gave relief to the Trinamool. But the ruling party lost face again in the division bench.

In this context, Trinamool Secretary General Perth Chatterjee said on Friday, “The Election Commission is trying its best to cancel the nomination of our candidates. Purulia has canceled the nomination of Jaipur candidate. The commission did not stop even after the High Court said yesterday. Today he went to the high court again.

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