Bajimat, Mamata’s Nandigram tour has been watched by more than 36 lakh people on social media

#Kolkata: One of the weapons of propaganda is now social media. Varsa is now live on social media to convey his or her party’s message to everyone easily In that live streaming, views have been 360K (3680K) from the ‘Mamata Banerjee Official’ page in Nandigram. That is 36 lakh 70 thousand. In a word, this amount of social media user Mamata Banerjee has seen live streaming from Nandigram. Most of which were visited by temples, shrines and martyrs’ altars.

Mamata Banerjee was in Nandigram on the 9th and 10th of this month. On the evening of March 10, he was injured in the leg. The Trinamool Congress is happy with the live views of Mamata’s program till then. Mamata Banerjee reached Nandigram on March 9 at 3 pm. He left Nandigram on March 10 at 7.40 pm. During this time he has been live 20 times from his Facebook page. In which the meeting once. Press conference twice. 3 times in Haldia while going to submit nomination. In the rest of the cases, the temple has been visited 11 times. 1 time has been live to visit the shrine. 1 time live while paying homage at Shaheed Bedi. Lived once in a tea shop while talking to people.

When he reached Nandigram on March 9, when he held a staff meeting, the live views were 1 million. The rest of the day is live 9 times. His combined live views were 1469K or 14 lakh 79 thousand. The next day, Mamata Banerjee went live 10 times from her official page. His combined live views have been 2211K (2211K) .. or 22 lakh 11 thousand. However, on the 9th, the most views were made while making tea in the tea shop. Live views were 304K at that time, which is a little over 3 lakh. The biggest view on the 10th was when Mamata Banerjee was walking to submit her nomination. At that time the views were 429K (429K) or four lakh 29 thousand.

Let’s take a look at when and how many views-

March 9 Staff Meeting – 1 Million, Chandi Mandir 290K, Chandi Mandir 134K, Chandi Mandir 255K, Shahid Bedi 64K, Parul Mandir 61K, Piristan Mazar 165K, Tea Shop 304K, Janakinath Mandir 56K, Reapara Earlier in the press conference 118 K.

Views came on March 10 – Shiv Mandir 327K while submitting nominations, three times live streaming 155K, 55K and 429K. After submitting nominations, 163 K, Shibrampur Temple 324 K, Chalmari Temple 144 K, Temple 365 K, Shibalaya Temple 99 K, Ranichak Giribazar Temple 130 K were held at Haldia. The Trinamool Shibir claims that these live views prove how popular Mamata Banerjee is.

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