How did Mamata get hurt in Nandigram? Shah sought out Shuvendu

#Delhi: Amit Shah sought out Shuvendu Adhikari over the incident of Mamata Banerjee being injured in Nandigram. The Union Home Minister sought the help of Shuvendu at a meeting in Delhi on the same day to finalize the list of candidates for the Bengal Assembly elections.

The state BJP’s core committee met at JP Nadda’s house in Delhi on the same day Amit Shah was present at that meeting The BJP’s Central Election Committee is scheduled to meet on Saturday afternoon to finalize the list of candidates for the first few rounds of voting. Earlier, the state BJP leaders held a one-point discussion at JP Nadda’s house According to sources, Shah had a separate talk with Shuvendu Adhikari before the meeting started Amit Shah wants to know exactly what happened in Nandigram last Wednesday

According to sources, Shuvendu told the Home Minister that Mamata Banerjee was injured when her car hit a door on an iron pillar on the side of the road. There is no conspiracy in this

It is learned that Amit Shah has advised the state leaders of the party to comment on the issue of Mamata Banerjee’s injury. This is because the issue is very sensitive and the Trinamool will try to take advantage of the situation by using Mamata’s injury as a tool. The ruling party will want to use the sympathy of the people in the event of Mamata’s injury In this situation, Amit Shah has warned the state leaders of the party that any blatant remarks by the BJP leaders could bring additional benefits to the grassroots.

Mamata Banerjee injured her leg while campaigning in Nandigram last Wednesday Trinamool alleges that four or five people deliberately injured the chief minister. The Election Commission has sought a detailed report from the state government and the Superintendent of Police of East Midnapore on the matter After spending two days in hospital, the Chief Minister was discharged on Friday He can start campaigning again from next Monday

Neither Narendra Modi nor Amit Shah has publicly commented on Mamata Banerjee’s injuries. The Trinamool has also raised the question as to why the Prime Minister or the Home Minister did not even look for the injured Chief Minister.

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