Locket in meeting with Shishir Adhikari in Shantikunj, possibility of BJP joining is increasing: Sources

#Nandigram: He has already said that if he understands the need, he will start campaigning in Nandigram on behalf of his son Shuvendur. Is Shishir Adhikari, a senior Trinamool MP, going to write his name in Padma Shibir in his book this time? At least that is what the flow of events indicates. Probably, BJP MP Locket Chatterjee is going to meet Shishir Adhikari at ‘Shantikunj’ on Saturday afternoon. And that has intensified the possibility of the owner of Shishir holding the Gerua flag in his hand.

However, when asked about this, Shishir Babu told News18 reporter, “Anyone can come and meet me.” He has claimed that politics has nothing to do with it. He also said that someone would actually welcome him on behalf of the house. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to hold a meeting in Kanthi on March 20. According to sources, BJP MP Locket Chatterjee is going to meet Shishir Babu by inviting him to attend the meeting. In that case, the possibility of the veteran Trinamool leader joining the BJP on the same day is not being ruled out by the political circles.

Incidentally, after Mamata Banerjee was injured in Nandigram on Wednesday evening, Shishir Adhikari expressed his condolences to the injured Chief Minister and rejected the ‘conspiracy theory’. “Four or five people knocked on the door of her car in a conspiracy,” Shishir Adhikari said. “Mamata Banerjee was injured in the accident.” In his words, “The people of Nandigram do not know the conspiracy. The allegations of pushing have been sorted out.” Earlier, after Shuvendu Adhikari joined the BJP, he also said that if there was a political attack on Shuvendu, he would try to protect him as a father. All in all, one comment after another seems to have strengthened Shishir Adhikari’s chances of joining the BJP.

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