Lumpi dance after Tumpa gold! The new parody of the hit left again, watch the video

#Kolkata: First Tumpa gold 7 The leftists are trying to win the hearts of the youth by using lungi dance without stopping there. Left’s new parody with lungi dance has already been made Trinamool-BJP has been mocked by putting new words in popular songs Like Tumpa Sonar, the lungi dance parody has already gone viral on social media.

Tumpa’s golden parody came to the fore before the Left-Congress Brigade rally on February 26. Behind which were the members of the youth wing of the CPM Shortly after the song went viral, some left-wing activists questioned whether the use of such catchy songs was appropriate for left-wing politics. But that song was shared on social media by CPM state secretary Suryakanta Mishra Most left-wing activists also welcomed the song The reason given was that the daily problems and issues of the daily life of the common man were highlighted through the song. In particular, the Tumpa Golden Parody received a great response from the younger generation of leftists.

Encouraged by the success of Tumpa Sonar, leftist activists have probably made a parody of the lungi dance this time as well. The song has also gone viral on social media, along with several leftist candidates, including Baliganj CPM candidate Fuad Halim. There has been a lot of ridicule, from grassroots corruption to the central government’s policy of alienation and privatization. There is also mention of grassroots leaders joining the BJP But the main message of the song is, ‘Turn red, turn red.’

Jadavpur CPM candidate Sujan Chakraborty also welcomed the new song “The younger generation makes parodies, cartoons and poems,” he said. If you want to reach out to the common man using the melody of a popular song, you have to say goodbye. ‘ The leftists claimed that the brigade was full of gold courtesy of Tumpa Sonar Now it remains to be seen whether the popularity of lungi dance fills the ballot box of the left

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