The artist was dropped from the ‘leftist drama’ for joining the BJP

#Kolkata: The polarization of politics continues in industry as well. Popular actor Kaushik Kar was dropped from the play by self-proclaimed leftist playwright Sourav Palodhi. Recently, Kaushik, a one-time extremist, enlisted in the Gerua camp. And that is why the producer of the drama group Sourav Palodhi is angry.

Everyone knows that the playwright Saurabh has a leftist attitude from the very beginning. His argument in favor of excluding Kaushik Kar is that there is no place for communalism in the drama of hardworking people. In 2019, Kaushik was hired to act in the play Sleepless. His character’s name was Akhlaq, who was killed in 2015 on suspicion of eating beef in the Dadri incident. Sourav and Kaushik created this character from Utpal Dutt’s play. Now that Kaushik has joined the BJP and played the role of Akhlaq, Sourav thinks the spirit of the drama will be attacked. That is why he decided to drop out, said Sourav. Sourav also made a post on social media to clarify the matter. Saurabh, who has repeatedly criticized Padma Shibir and raised the brigade tone on February 26, has clarified his position in a Facebook post.

The issue has already started in various quarters. Many have raised their voices in support of Saurabh. Some have described the whole incident as a ‘manifestation of intolerance’. According to director Kamleshwar Mukherjee, casting should not be done on the basis of political color. Actress and BJP leader Kanchana Maitra quipped that it is intolerance. This is not possible in a democratic country. Rudrani’s Ghosh calls it ‘fascism’ of leftist theater workers. Actor Kaushik Karer also made a similar statement. In his words, “Some leftists are trying to control the theater. They are suffering from insecurity, so the decision to drop it. They do not understand communism.”

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