April 20, 2021

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শহর কলকাতার বুকে দূষিত জলের আতঙ্ক, ৫ বছরের শিশু-সহ তিন জনের মৃত্যু! অসুস্থ বেশ কয়েকজন

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#Kolkata: Drinking water infection in the city again. After yesterday, another death took place in the 63rd ward. On Monday, a worker died after drinking water in ward 63 of Bhabanipur assembly constituency. One five-year-old child died on Tuesday. It is learned that the child named Ayushi Kumari was ill for the last few days. He was taken to the hospital for diarrhea. He died at 10 pm yesterday. The hospital said he died of diarrhea. However, it is being investigated whether the disease is due to water poisoning. Although Ayushi’s family and locals claim that the disease is happening in the area due to drinking contaminated water. After that the panic increased in the whole area. It is learned that several other children and adults fell ill in the same area.

Incidentally, in the ward number 63 in the ward where the Chief Minister is staying, he has been suffering from diarrhea for several days. But the Calcutta Municipality did not have that news till Sunday morning. Firhad Hakim, chairman of the Calcutta Municipal Council of Administrators, himself admitted. Allegedly, the residents have been feeling cloudy in the water since the day of Shivratri. The residents of Ward No. 63 of Kolkata Municipality complained that several people in the area were getting sick after drinking the water.

On the other hand, an inmate of Alipore Women’s Jail in Ward No. 63 died on Monday. According to sources, BJP leader Pamela Goswami, who was recently arrested in a drug case, has fallen ill. Five more inmates of the jail were admitted to the hospital with diarrhea. Thus, in each case, there have been allegations of contamination of drinking water. Locals complained that sewage water had leaked from the drinking water pipe. Commenting on the death of Alipore woman prisoner, Kolkata Municipality Chairman Firhad Hakim said, “Any death is sad. However, the person died of diarrhea. There is no such mention in the death certificate. The matter has to be investigated.” However, whatever the administration may say, the question of administrative responsibility is being raised in the city of Kolkata itself as there are allegations of water contamination in one ward after another.

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