Mamata’s announcement of ‘ration at the door’ in the eyes of the commission, report called

#Kolkata: Ration 8 will be sent to people’s homes when they come to power And you don’t have to line up at the ration shop with the card in hand This promise has been heard more than once in the last two days from meetings in Purulia and Bankura on the face of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The project has been named ‘Door Ration’

This announcement of the Chief Minister is in the eyes of this Election Commission According to sources, the commission has sent a self-motivated report from the Purulia district administration on whether the chief minister has violated the code of conduct by announcing the ‘Ration at the Door’ project. Because once the election is announced, no new project can be announced Not only the report of the district administration, but also the video recording of the meeting of the Chief Minister in Purulia on Monday has been sent.

The Chief Minister also said from the meeting in Bankura, ‘Now we are giving free rations After two months, you don’t have to line up at ration shops anymore The rations will reach your house. ‘

Mamata Banerjee is scheduled to release the Trinamool manifesto on Wednesday This manifesto is going to be one of the biggest promises of the grassroots in this manifesto.

Trinamool MP Saugat Roy has claimed that Mamata Banerjee did not break the code of conduct by announcing ‘ration at the door’. He said, “I have not seen the letter of the commission yet, so I cannot say what they have questioned.” And sending a letter to the commission does not mean convicting anyone Even in Delhi, rations are sent from house to house. ‘BJP leader Shamik Bhattacharya said,’ We are not worried about what the commission has said. And what this government promised has no credibility Because they are not returning to power After that, he may say that if someone is sick, medicine will come to the house and a doctor will come and perform the surgery if necessary.

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