Nandigram – Can you return to the light of the left? Candidate Meenakshi in open conversation

The party has nominated you in Nandigram. Many say you have come up with the qualifications step by step. This nomination is actually rewarding. Another group says the team pushed the tiger in the face. What would you say?

See the matter is very simple. Khete Khawara is agitating against the looters all over West Bengal. The election of 2021 is to change this system. We have taken part in this fight in a parliamentary manner. I am a candidate for hard work. Someone is fighting elsewhere, I am fighting in Nandigram. I don’t see this nomination in any other way.

The affidavit says that the monthly income is five thousand rupees. Are you earning alone? How’s it going?

My father is retired. I am the one who earns, I continue.

Why continue? Do you have any personal ambitions?

Leftists do not fight for money. My ambition is not personal, don’t think of financial gain. I think unemployed work is done, crop prices are paid, farmers, poor people eat and live. These are my ambitions and five ordinary people. Don’t want to create property. Rather, you can say that my ambition is to open my mouth against those who want to buy people with money, who want to buy votes.

Eating leaves in the middle of the campaign.  Picture Facebook. Eating leaves in the middle of the campaign. Picture Facebook.

In 2017, the Left got 27.70 percent votes in Nandigram. You are working hard to break the bones with the hope that the vote will increase. If it increases, what will be the percentage, what is your estimate?

Those who won here have betrayed the people. I will say that he has betrayed the soil of Nandigram. Nandigram is a terror-ridden area in the whole country, where voting does not take place. Is that what the people of Nandigram want? 90 percent of the people of Nandigram are hardworking, calm, polite. They want to rely on the front to claim their rights. This is my observation.

Recent posters from Tumpasona. The triumph of youth in the propaganda strategy of the left. Are the leftists, however, emphasizing youth by understanding the limitations of old age?

Our team has confidence in the youth. Attempts are being made to create a mix of young people’s enthusiasm and long-term fighting experience. As I, Oishee, Deeptisa are, so are Mohammad Selim, Kanti Ganguly.

Got it, but at a time of stagnation, did Karonai take the left student to the streets again? Brought into the mainstream of politics again?

The leftists were on their way. In globalization, it is said that young people are self-centered. But yes, the leftist students were on the way during the lockdown. He put rice in people’s mouths. We are not self-centered, we are not apolitical. Educated children want to do politics. And we want to be the driving force of that politics.

Nandigram is plowing, trying to win, but whether you believe it or not, the fight is hard but less said. Success or failure depends a lot on the campaign strategy. What is your strategy?

My thinking is very simple. Those who are sitting in chairs have not allowed people to talk for ten years. I talked to the people here for seven or eight days. I did not ask people to vote for me. I said you will vote wherever you like. Say whatever you want to say. Do whatever the mind wants to do in politics. And we want to go back to this situation. This is what I am saying from house to house. People are saying, they don’t talk. In that place we are encouraging people to talk.

The campaign is in full swing.  Picture Facebook. The campaign is in full swing. Picture Facebook.

The role of the CPM in the Nandigram chapter is not the end of the story. Both the plaintiff and the defendant have their own arguments. But there is no denying that March 14 pushed the CPM to the backfoot, tarnishing the image. Do leftists see Meenakshi’s rise as a step back to the light?

CPIM wanted to build a factory at Nandigram Singur. People said they don’t want factories. Find out if people didn’t want a factory that day, don’t they want a factory today? So did you really want the factory that day? On that day, fake leftists, fake peasants used to talk backwards with the money of chit fund. Besides, we had a chief minister who could say in public that we were wrong. We are not slandered for admitting wrongdoing. I have taken two steps forward and ten steps back. Workers have been attacked, some have been killed, some have become angry. But we have taken the orders of the people. Today, those who do not give jobs, Maidul, Sudipta killed, they can apologize? The fight is here.

If there is a possibility that you have become a determining factor, that is, no party is going to form a government without you, which party will you hold hands with?

We are opposed to grassroots politics and will not allow the BJP to come to West Bengal. I very clearly hate grassroots politics. He has to be killed for college elections in this state. They have killed hundreds of comrades in alliance with the Maoists. We have carried the body of father and uncle on this shoulder. I smeared blood on my hands. I poured water on the burnt room. I have given space to the homeless elsewhere. The mother is dead, the son could not be buried, I did not hate this politics. This is the distance we have.

This time the emphasis is on social engineering in the Trinamool manifesto. The Trinamool will probably say in the manifesto that if it comes to power, it will include Saha, Tili and Mahishya in the backward community. As soon as we hear this allegation about the CPM, the politics of the CPM class has not done as much as it has done. As a result, Brahmanism has given way. What do you think the CPM should think about social engineering?

They have done Bauri, Mahato, Kurmi or Minority Committees from time to time. Have their house boys got jobs? Did their home boys have to be migrant workers? If someone is told to fall behind with special rights, it is also their responsibility to push them forward. And forwarding does not mean saving. I want a job. So what are you thinking about?

In 1974, newcomer Mamata Banerjee defeated Somnath Chattopadhyay in Jadavpur. No one could have imagined that this could happen. Now in a place like Nandigram where two heavyweights are advancing in various numbers, both of them have huge popularity, if you are also second, then the moral victory of the left will come. You will also have a historical rise. People will say that you lost a candidate like Mamata Banerjee or Shuvendu Adhikari in the first battle of your life. Thinking about it?

My team thinks about the socio-economic upliftment of the people. Standing in that place we don’t think two or three. I think if the Election Commission can stop the vote rigging, we will be number one. The people of Nandigram are saying that. Only then will the closed factory open, people will get jobs, I think the rise of my political career involves people in this way.

Back to personal questions. You used to run a coaching center. What happened to that?

The workload has increased since I became a wholetimer. I have to go from district to district. My teacher, my students teach. In a coaching center, 39 people are taught for free, drawing, singing and dancing.

From the beginning, you thought you would come to politics in 24 hours? Didn’t think of any other profession?

I wanted to be a teacher. I have done MA B.Ed. But in Upper Primary, it is difficult to get a corrupt job in Primary. I taught part time in a college for ten years. I gave it up as a wholetimer. Now it is the job of the working people to work 24 hours a day.

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