The new Bentley Bentayga is now launched in India. The new
Bentayga is the first car launched under Bentley’s new Beyond100 business strategy, a
journey that will see the company become the world leader in sustainable luxury mobility.
The Bentayga continues to be the fastest,
most luxurious and most versatile SUV in the
world, offering a true Bentley driving
experience and showcasing unparalleled
luxury combined with effortless performance
and everyday usability. The new Bentayga is
built on the popularity of the first-generation
model of which more than 20,000 examples
have now been handcrafted.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Satya Bagla, Managing Director, Exclusive Motors said:
“Bentley is the world leader in luxury mobility and has been defining new luxury in the
automotive world. The newest addition to the range, the new Bentayga, is everything
Bentayga was designed to be, balancing exquisite refinement with astonishing performance.
The new Bentayga encapsulates the desire to innovate as well as celebrate our heritage and
take the Bentley ownership experience to the next, unparalleled level. We are elated to bring
the new Bentayga to the Indian customers. Bentley has been at the forefront of luxury
automotive for over 100 years and this new Bentayga is the pinnacle of design and
engineering achievements and marks the next step in Bentley’s journey.”
The new Bentayga is priced at INR. 4.10 Cr (Ex-Showroom Delhi), subject to exchange rate
fluctuations and options, and is now available for booking through the sales team in Delhi,
Mumbai and Hyderabad.

The Bentayga set the luxury SUV benchmark back in 2016, offering customers the ultimate
Grand Touring experience unrestricted by landscape or conditions. Go-anywhere driving
ability and imperious luxury are the hallmarks of the Bentayga – powerful, individual and
exquisite in equal measure, the Bentayga is for those who demand luxury without
compromise. Now, Bentley raises the bar for the luxury SUV sector even higher. Others will
strive to achieve the same combination of luxury and performance – but none can do it like

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