Party quarrels in the face of the vote-disaster, Bengal BJP leaders summoned to Delhi on a special plane!

#Kolkata: When the protests started after the announcement of the Trinamool candidate list, the BJP leaders had a smile on their faces. It didn’t take long for the BJP to announce its list of candidates for the first four rounds of polls, which led to a more embarrassing situation than the grassroots. The situation came to a head when Mukul Roy, Shiv Prakash, Arjun Singh and Sabyasachi Dutt had to face protests at the BJP’s main election office over the list of candidates. He even threatened the party workers with suicide. The BJP has started a tussle to give tickets to the ‘defectors’ or not to field the preferred candidates. The situation reached such a stage on Monday night that Amit Shah returned to Kolkata after visiting Guwahati. He spent the night with the state BJP leaders. But even that did not do any good. On the contrary, the protests intensified on Tuesday. According to sources, the BJP top leadership has summoned the state leaders back to Delhi on the same day. Dilip Ghosh and Mukul Roy are scheduled to leave Voting Bengal and reach Delhi on a special flight at night.

Inside the Gerua camp, the top leadership was quite embarrassed by the party workers’ protest over the party’s list of candidates. Questions are also being raised as to why the anger of the party workers could not be predicted in advance. The BJP’s core committee is sitting on the issue at 10 am on Wednesday. The possibility of state leaders facing multiple difficult questions is not going to be ruled out.

Amit Shah sat in a meeting at a five-star hotel in Rajarhat on Monday night on an urgent basis over candidate dissatisfaction, joined by the party’s all-India president JP Naddao. According to sources, Amit Shah and JP Naddara are worried about the situation in the party. Their advice to the party leaders is to solve the problem by talking to the candidates. According to sources, Shah has also set a time to resolve the issue at this high-level meeting. Besides, the first two points have also been reviewed.

The BJP has not yet released the full list of candidates. Amit Shah has to take seriously the level of internal resentment of the party since the announcement of the four-point (not complete) list of candidates. That is why Amit Shah had to come to Kolkata on Sunday night to sit in a hasty meeting with the state BJP leaders. He also demanded a detailed report from Dilip Ghosh and Mukul Roy on the inside news of Gerua Shibir and the dissatisfaction of the workers with the candidates in different centers. According to the political circles, Gerua Shibir may change its candidate in one or two centers if necessary considering the issue of workers’ dissatisfaction. But the BJP will reduce the embarrassment, time will answer.

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