Anjana-Lovely-Shubham on the streets, the festive mood in Sonarpur from morning

#Kolkata: Sonarpur South Assembly constituency 7 is busy in the election campaign of the three parties Tanmul and BJP’s two star candidates on the one hand and the United Front-backed CPI candidate Shubham Banerjee on the other. No one is willing to go out in the election campaign and give an inch of land to anyone However, locals say that Arundhati and Lovely Maitra, the youngest Congress candidate from Sonarpur South Assembly constituency, are far ahead in the campaign.

In the meantime, every area of ​​Sonarpur has been turned around once To get acquainted with the workers, they are also holding staff meetings by dividing the area regularly Besides, he is campaigning on foot in Toto This morning in the Kalikapur area of ​​Sonarpur, this star candidate of Trinamool is 7 He is quite optimistic about his victory

On the other hand, BJP’s star candidate Anjana Basu is trying to leave the Rupoli curtain and join the people as soon as she enters the election field. There is dissatisfaction among the party workers about making him a candidate However, he is not willing to pay attention to all that The election campaign has started in Sonarpur Bazar from Wednesday morning He is reaching out to both buyers and sellers Apart from asking for votes with folded hands, he is also holding someone with a smile As soon as he came out in the campaign, he called Trinamool candidate Lovely a baby girl He even offered to campaign together Anjana’s heavy temper shows that she is undoubtedly about to leave Lovely behind.

Shubham Bandyopadhyay, a young candidate of the United Front, is making his mark in the campaign of the star candidates. He is campaigning vigorously at Sonarpur station with the slogan ‘Lal Ferao Hal Ferao’. He is presenting to the people the anti-people policies of the Central and State Governments He says that if the United Front comes to power, it will focus on employment They will ensure that no anti-people bill is passed in the legislature Ensuring food and work demands for everyone is their main goal, he said He said that he was walking around the Sonarpur area on foot. He said that he was confident of victory with the message of being by the side of the people.

-Arpan Mandal

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