Experience Authentic Italian Pasta only with WeikField

Weikfield Pasta promises great taste with best quality and is made from special 100% Durum Wheat, Durum Wheat is a special type of wheat and different from regular wheat. Durum Wheat is rich in protein, fiber and vitamin B, it is considered to support weight loss, good health, as well as digestion. Weikfield Pastas are non-sticky which means the pasta dish that you make with love & effort won’t become gummy, and a mushy mound, with Weikfield Pasta you always get an authentic Italian pasta experience.

WeikField Instant Pasta range, which has four flavors, Masala Twist, Creamy Mushroom, Tomato Salsa and Cheezy Mac. WeikField’s Gourmet Pasta includes popular shapes like Penne, Elbow, Fusilli and Spaghetti. To complement its Gourmet Pasta range, Weikfield has pasta sauces like Tangy Red Pasta Sauce and Cheesy Creamy White Pasta Sauce Mix. WeikField pastas are available at all leading retail stores across India and online on Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket.

So, go ahead and indulge in a heathy bowl of pasta and authentic Italian taste with WeikField Pastas. Explore WeikField Pastas here https://weikfield.com/pasta-and-pasta-sauces

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