ISF candidates are still fighting for the commission’s recognition, borrowed name and symbol

#Kolkata: The ISF is contesting the elections as a partner of the Left-Congress in the United Front. Their symbol is envelope 7 But in fact this symbol is borrowed by ISF In fact, this envelope symbol is টির of the State Secular Majlis Party of Bihar This sign is registered in their name in the Election Commission As a result, ISF candidates are also submitting nomination papers to the Election Commission in the name of this state secular Majlis party.

In fact, ISF 7 has not yet been recognized by the Election Commission as a political party As a result, they have to borrow the name and symbol of another party to contest the election All in all, despite the campaign, no party called ISF is officially contesting this year’s assembly elections.

But why the State Secular Majlis Party? The ISF admits that after the formation of the party, they did not have time to register with the Election Commission and collect the symbol. And that is why ISF candidates are fighting for the name and symbol of the Bihar State State Secular Majlis Party. ISF state president Simul Soren said, “Our party has been consciously named the Indian Secular Front. We have a few more small group alliances Among them is the State Secular Majlis Party The formation of our team was announced in January After that it was not possible to collect the symbol in such a short time That is why our candidates will fight everywhere with the envelope symbol of the State Secular Majlis Party. The state president of the ISF claims that the Left-Congress leaders also know the matter The ISF leader said he was accompanied by several smaller parties, such as the Save the Constitution Party and the National Democratic Party of India.

Chandrakona ISF candidate Gouranga Das has filed his nomination in the name of the State Secular Majlish Party.

Asked about this, Congress leader Abdul Mannan, one of ISF’s allies in the election, said, “They told us they would fight the envelope symbol. It’s a symbol of one of their allies. ” But voters will not be confused? However, the senior Congress leader refused to accept it People will vote after seeing his demand symbol As a result, there is no question of confusion. So far, the ISF has announced a list of 20 candidates ISF candidates have also started submitting nominations in centers like Chandrakona and Mahishadal in the first phase of elections. It is also seen that the candidates of Abbas Siddiqui’s party have submitted their nominations in the name of this secular Majlish Party of Bihar.

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