Sakanya Sharad Pawar is coming to promote Mamata by blowing up all the prohibitions

#Kolkata: Their closeness is well known in the political arena. So, as expected, NCP leader Sharad Pawar is coming to campaign for Mamata Banerjee in the Bengal elections. His daughter Supriya Sule will also be with him. Sources said that Sharad Pawar will set foot in the state on April 1. Stay until April 3. The veteran politician will spend most of these 72 hours campaigning for Mamata Banerjee. She can be seen walking in Mamata Banerjee’s public meetings or on the streets.

A few days ago, Sharad Pawar had commented that he was sure that Mamata Banerjee would come to power. Not only Sharad Pawar, Mamata Banerjee has got the support of many national level leaders one by one even before the election process has started. At first, there was talk of a seat deal with the Left, but in the end, Laluputra Tejaswi Yadav supported Mamata Banerjee. Besides, Mamata Banerjee has also got Akhilesh Yadav by her side. It will not be a surprise if they campaign for Mamata Banerjee in the near future. Some are thinking one step further, they also hope to create a new equation in national politics if Mamata Banerjee wins this election.

Mamata Banerjee’s party manifesto will be released today. After returning from Jangalmahal, Mamata Banerjee will publish her party leaflet at Trinamool Bhaban. The Trinamool has been campaigning for this manifesto since yesterday. In this situation, the Trinamool thinks that it is an advantage to have a political personality like Sharad Pawar.

The Congress became active as soon as the news spread that Mamata was going to come to the polls in the autumn. Veteran Congress leader Pradeep Bhattacharya wrote an e-mail to Sharad Pawar requesting him not to come to Mamata Banerjee’s campaign. His argument is that in Bihar and Maharashtra, the Congress is in alliance with parties like the RJD NCP. Due to the position of Sharad Power, the wrong message can go among the partners. However, the political circles think that this journey of power cannot be stopped.

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