‘They are not Amitabh-Rekha’, Debashree comments on Shovon Baishakhi

#Kolkata: Left the team. The next destination has not been decided yet. Debashree Roy, however, is not ruling out any possibility. Says that any door is open. In his words, if someone calls me respectfully, the door is open. According to the political circles, joining the Gerua camp is just a matter of time.

Will you get a ticket to Raydighi even if you join Gerua camp? The BJP has fielded another candidate there. Debashree says he does not want to stand in Raydighi.

Although voting politics is not the only meditation, Debashree is also explaining that. In his words, I am not disappointed with the ticket. I serve street animals. I run an NGO. I will do them. There are several offers for acting. All in all I am happy.

Although he has been an MP for the last two times, Debashree Roy was not very relieved. The inconvenience is compounded by the involvement of Toto in a fundraising case. He has been seen repeatedly in touch with the BJP in the past. In all, Mamata Banerjee’s name was dropped while sorting the ball in the 64-run match. Debashree Roy sees the whole thing as an insult. In his words, “I didn’t have a famous mother and father behind me. I became Debashree Roy by my own efforts. I fell into a corner. I said again and again, then the money will be returned, they didn’t take the money from MP Lad. All in all, I couldn’t.”

Mamata Banerjee was also very proud. The heroine did not try to convince him. In Debashree’s words, “If there is unrest in the house, you can’t tell outside. I told the leader. She knows everything.”

The name of Shovan Chattopadhyay Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay is coming up whenever there is a question about the possibility of Debashree joining BJP. Because in the past, they were the ones who stood in the way of Devashree joining the BJP. He got angry when he heard the name. He said, “They are not Amitabh’s line. Why should we talk about them. You have given him a hype.”

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