Trinamool’s manifesto is being published today, Mamata’s two Chanakyan policies to win the hearts of the people

#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress will release the manifesto for the Assembly elections today. The proclamation will be released from Mamata Banerjee’s residence in Kalighat by 5 pm on Wednesday. Trinamool leader and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been working on the manifesto for the last one and a half months. The proclamation will be published as soon as he returns from Jangalmahal today. There are two big surprises in this election manifesto. According to sources, one of the surprises is the ration at the door. Another surprise is the special announcement for the Scheduled Castes. According to the report of the Mandal Commission, several tribes will be recognized. Besides, there is a big surprise in the manifesto about the health system.

According to Trinamool sources, Mamata Banerjee has taken the views of everyone from the lower echelons of the party, including MPs and MLAs, to make the election manifesto as usual. He also formed a committee based on that opinion. This committee has made the final proclamation. However, Mamata Banerjee herself was on the committee.

Incidentally, Mamata Banerjee has always sought the views of leaders at various levels of the party before making election manifestos. He took views on various issues such as what should be emphasized, how to deal with the political attacks of the opposition. The manifesto is then made on the basis of that opinion. According to grassroots sources, the party’s top leadership has given ‘special importance’ to several issues in the manifesto. This includes further development of vital services for all levels of society such as free rations, health and education. In addition, emphasis has been placed on issues such as industry and employment. A member of the committee said, “The leader sought written opinions and proposals from party leaders, activists, MLAs and MPs to prepare the manifesto.” After submitting those proposals, the Trinamool leader herself has scrutinized them. A draft manifesto was prepared with all these proposals in mind. The expert committee has prepared the final manifesto on the basis of that draft manifesto. “

Apart from Mamata Banerjee, the committee also had several ministers, MPs and MLAs. The expert committee formed by the party leader to regain power in the state in 2021 will release the final proclamation to the people tomorrow. Like the last assembly vote, this time too the Trinamool will come to the polls as the ‘ruler’ of the state. As a result, the issues of grassroots ‘development’ in the last ten years will be given importance in the manifesto. In particular, the development of civic services. Sources said that the issue of ‘external’ and ‘communal harmony and secularism’ were also highlighted in the manifesto with the BJP as the main opponent.

According to Trinamool sources, besides giving priority to the opinion of the committee for making the manifesto, a survey of Prashant Kishore, a Trinamool voter, has also been included in the manifesto. Members of IPAC, a Pacific organization, traveled to different parts of the state to conduct a survey on human needs. Trinamool sources said that the results of that survey are also in the final manifesto. Trinamool sources said that some of the promises made in the last assembly polls have been fulfilled, some are yet to be fulfilled and some of them will be fulfilled. Incidentally, the report card has already been issued with the work record on behalf of Jora Phul Shibir. The leaders of the committee said that the word ‘mother-earth-man’ will be mentioned in the manifesto. Sources said that there will be a large part of Nandigram.

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