Women’s day event at Amway India

In line with the 2020 theme of International Women’s Day
#ChooseToChallenge, Amway India, one of the country’s leading FMCG direct selling companies, is
commemorating Women’s month with a gamut of women-centric programs across India. Corresponding
to the global theme which signifies that a, ‘challenged world is an alert world, and challenge leads to
change’ Amway aims to unleash women entrepreneurship by providing them with the right platform to
explore their true potential. As part of its stated 10-year growth vision, the organization is focused on
empowering women and offering them the opportunity to own and operate their business while supporting
them on their passion for fitness, healthy living, cooking, and beauty. In the East Region, the company
has announced the #thefutureofequals campaign, which aims to Encourage, Enable and Empower the
women entrepreneurs at Amway. The launch of the campaign witnessed a panel discussion on gender
equality which was graced by the presence of renowned actor and dancer Alokananda Roy, actor
Mumtaz Sorcar, Ms. Saswati Dasgupta, Amway Direct Seller, Mr. Chandra Bhushan Chakraborty,
Vice President, East Region, Amway India, Ms. Anisha Sharma, Vice President – Beauty, Personal Care
& Communities, Amway India and Ms. Anamika Sirohi, Vice President – Wellness, Amway India.
The campaign encourages all women leaders to stand for gender equality and also pledge for the
healthier and fitter life. That apart, throughout the month, Amway East will focus on various training
sessions for women to improve their business and branding skills in an increasingly social and digitally
connected world, panel discussions, expert speaker programs, sessions around the product categories
such as nutrition, beauty and cookware. Over 1000 women direct sellers and retailers from across the
eastern region will be covered under this program.
Elaborating on the occasion, Chandra Bhushan Chakraborty, Vice President, East Region, Amway
India said, “We firmly believe that women play an intrinsic role as powerful catalyst for change. The
potential is immense, and we, at Amway, have been championing women entrepreneurship over the
years by providing equal business opportunity with regular programs and interventions to support
business growth. Honoring women and their contribution, we are celebrating March, as women’s month.
As a part of the celebrations, we have conceptualized programs to enhance the competencies of our
women direct sellers, who are selected based on their potential and commitment to their business. I
believe supporting one woman in her entrepreneurial journey can help not only a generation, but an entire
nation to thrive.”
Amway is an equal opportunity player and has been working to strengthen its contribution towards
women entrepreneurship in India. The company is working towards accelerating women’s growth, which
will provide the much-needed impetus to India’s growth story. As per IMF, if all the working-age women
enter the workforce, ‘the world’s largest democracy will be 27% richer. A multi-stakeholder approach is
crucial in this scenario to create a comprehensive support system that promotes and motivate women in
the workforce.

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