I can serve my country without being in politics says Santoor Maestro Pdt Tarun Bhattacharya

On the eve of his performance at the Lal Mati Utsab in Purulia, legendary santoor maestro Pdt Tarun Bhattacharya says, ” I have and shall continue to serve the Nation and the people through my music. It is not necessary to join a political forum/ party to serve the country and society.” He was reacting to the recent trend of joining political parties by actors and public personalities, he says, ” I have been working for many causes like Thalassaemia, Polio, Free eye surgeries through many world wide organizations, like Rotary International, for whom I have been a Global Peace Ambassador and I have also contributed to the Nation’s growth by bringing in foreign exchange for the past four decades and through my Santoor Ashram and other mentoring platforms I have groomed many musicians, mainly from economically challenged background, helping them earn their bread. Personally I feel that is the best possible way to serve the society rather than contesting elections.”

“I wish every candidate irrespective of the colour of the flag my best wishes and I sincerely do genuinely serve their electorate but somehow as a musician who has devoted an entire lifetime to music and creating happiness and dreaming of peace all across the globe, it is not my cup of tea. The need for political and administrative acumen is mandatory for any elected representative and I feel young educated citizens should come forward to take the responsibility from every party, I believe it is the time for the younger generation.”

He further added, ” I have responded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji’s call for Swachch Bharat through my creation Raag Ganga and so have I supported every good initiative by every leader across India and ofcourse my home state Bengal by my active participation every time I have been called to perform and I shall continue to serve the Nation and our future generation through my concerts as for the Spic Macay.”

Talking about his upcoming concert at Purulia he said, ” Lalmati Utsab is an opportunity for me to be back in the most beautiful terrain of Bengal, the red soil of Purulia with the flaming red Palash or Flame of Forest is truly enticing and I promise the my music fans in Purulia, my santoor shall transport them away from the din and blare of electoral politics for a short while.” Lalmati Utsab is on 20th & 21st March 2021 in Purulia.


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