Kolkata Centre for Creativity showcases “Crucible”- KCC Art Laboratory 5.0

Kolkata Centre for Creativity showcases ‘KCC Art Laboratory 4.0- Crucible’ on 27th March, 2021 6:00pm onwards. The projects ‘Mindmapping the Pandemic: Spatializing Memory and More’ by Sanskriti Chattopadhyay and ‘The Baak of Maguri’ by Maitri Das have been selected for the laboratory out of all invited project applications for the program.


With the pandemic altering the world, our sense of space shifted drastically. Public gatherings closed making us homebound – that resulted in the exploration of known, smaller venues for performances. While the small window in our telecommunication device connects us virtually – our physical enclosure stays restricted between the frames of our devices. The culture sector, which employs more than 30 million people globally, has been hit much harder than expected by the pandemic and its fallout. This sector, evoking togetherness, community and shared experience, has become even more powerful in this strange time of self-isolation and solitude. In its ability to draw us together to listen and experience together, performance is a crucial marker and facilitator of community.

Recognizing these phenomena Kolkata Centre for Creativity supported two selected projects from applications on many for multidisciplinary laboratory “Crucible”, that questions around these phenomena. While Sanskriti’s creation ‘Mindmapping the Pandemic: Spatializing Memory and More’ would address the shifting dimensions of mind-space through a video art outcome involving live bodies, Maitri’s live performance ‘The Baak of Maguri’ would look at the displacement from an eco-feminist perspective, referring to the locale exodus of her experience.

For more information on Crucible visit- https://www.kolkatacentreforcreativity.org/kcc_art_laboratory


About Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC)

Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) is a multi-disciplinary interactive art and creativity Centre located in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is the first in Eastern India to make Art accessible to visually impaired and differently abled under their ‘Art for All’ initiative. Spearheaded by Richa Agarwal as it’s Chairperson, the 70,000 sq. ft. Centre champions the art and cultural landscape of contemporary India since November 2018. It comprises of an Amphitheatre, Exhibition & Learning Spaces, Dance studio, Conservation Lab, Books & Materials Library, Creative Culinary space, Craft & Design outlet and a Skill Development Maker’s section. Integrating several expressions of art and design to highlight their common creative core – KCC encourages visitors to explore, interact and design ideas on various art forms. KCC works in the areas of Capacity Building, Well-Being, Conservation & Restoration, Craft & Design, Culinary, Visual and Performing Art. It acts as a catalyst for Artistic enhancement through Displays, Presentations, Fellowships, Laboratories, Residences, Conservation, Research and Discourses.


The programs at KCC are designed on the principles of Cultural Diversity, Gender Equality, Conservation of Environment and Inclusion of people with different abilities.


The Centre offers free entry to the public and is open between 11 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. For more information about exhibitions and the conferences, please visit www.kolkatacentreforcreativity.org

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