Bharatiya Janata Party must have a credible Chief Minister face for the forthcoming Bengal State Elections, says leading entrepreneur Laxman Jaiswal

“The electorate must be given a choice of a credible face to lead the state by the main opposition party, Bharatiya Janata Party, in the ensuing state elections”, says Laxman Jaiswal, leading infra entrepreneur and Chairman of the Ascon Infra India Ltd.

“As an entrepreneur and a voter if I have to make my choice for a party it has to be based on the vision statement of policies and actions and of course a credible face leading that party, not having a clear choice about their leader may impact the prospects of the party at the polls . So far only the ruling TMC has made that choice but as far as the leading opposition BJP is concerned, we are yet to know who shall be its chief ministerial candidate. A lot of voters decide on their franchise based on the face representing the party in fray.”

“Industry and business too look forward to leadership qualities of the political head of the state to steer it towards a positive growth. Unfortunately even after declaration of its candidates and manifesto, BJP has not been able to make a clear choice about its captain. It is not only strange but also misleading for voters.”

“ I hope by the time the voters exercise their franchise they clearly know who are the probable CM candidates or faces. The ruling party has clearly carved out an advantage by projecting their supremo, while the main opposition is either deliberately or struggling to find one. I as an industry representative would be keen to know our choices before exercising my franchise”, concludes Laxman Jaiswal, Chairman and Managing Director, Ascon Infra India Ltd, Eastern India’s premier infrastructure company with business interests in Bengal, Karnataka & Dubai.


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