Dinosaur in Kolkata’s Acropolis Mall ! Best Gift for Kids For this year

By Sree Sarkar :-In a bid to help less privileged children experience the adventurous world of Dinosaurs at Acropolis Mall , I Am Kolkata , a CSR arm of Merlin Group has organized a tour of the Jurassic world of the pre historic animals for tiny tots of Kolkata Society For Cultural Heritage and Pathchala today.  Udita and Laddu, the two celebrity kids of Star Jalsa fame added to the spirit to the initiative and interacted with the children like pranksters.
The team at Acropolis Mall had organized a drawing competition for the children who put and effort to draw the Dinosaurs present in the mall and paint their imagination on paper.  Acropolis Mall adhered to covid protocol and social distancing norms while organizing the activity.  Children also had an enjoyable ride on Dilophosaurus- a species of Dinosaur.

Mr. Saket Mohta, Managing Director of Merlin Group and founder of I Am Kolkata presented a humble donation to Sourav Mukherjee of KSCH and Nanddita Jafar of Pathchala  to resume  educational activities of the children at the Ngo campus  .  “                                                                                .”

“The pandemic has brought about huge disruptions in the life of all. Children have been no different. Alongside health concerns, We from I am Kolkata of Merlin group have put an earnest effort to provide an enjoyable experience to the children of Kolkata Society For Cultural Heritage and Pathchala today . We are concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health and social interaction skills of the children. However as normalcy of life is being restored in Kolkata, we have recreated an environment for the children of the lesser God where they interacted with the exciting world of Dinosaurs, learn about them and interacted with other children. The drawing competition and quiz also stimulated their intellectual acumen. We hope our humble donation would help the children to pursue their education”, said Mr. Saket Mohta, founder of I Am Kolkata from Merlin Group
Acropolis Mall has created a rare and exciting opportunity for the children and their families to experience a the adventurous world of Dinosaurs  while adhering to strict covid protocol and social distancing norms. Set amid the ambience of the cool winter forest, the mall has showcased nine different species of Dinosaurs, transporting children back to the Jurassic age.  Life size replica of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops , Stegosaurus , Dilophosaurus , Pterosaurs  from the ages of late Cretaceous, Late and Early Jurassic ages are there to add to the thrill and infotainment of the children .  So children be ready to experience the majestic world of Dinosaurs. Interact, play  and even ride on their back . In a nutshell, you enjoy to the hilt, shop and gulp your favourite food alongside. We adhere to strict covid protocol and social distancing norms.
About I Am Kolkata – “I Am Kolkata” from Merlin Group  has focused on initiatives that include environmental protection, Health & Hygiene, promotion of Art & Culture, Education and all round development of children, skill development of unemployed youngsters, Sports, Environment & Community Development, livelihood development and care for elderly population. Apart from these we will also focus on the preservation of the heritage and intangible art form of Kolkata and West Bengal.

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