Amit Shah: “Bring change in the state with massive vote” Tweet for Bengali and Assam Amit Shah

Amit Shah: "Bring change in the state with a massive vote" Amit Shah's tweet for Bengali and Assam

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“People’s peace and development in both the states is possible only through people’s participation in the electoral process,” the home minister wrote in a tweet.

#NewDelhi: The second phase of West Bengal and Assam Assembly elections will be held today. Voting in 30 constituencies of 4 districts has started from 8 am in the state And already Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the message of “record voting” to the people of Bengal. Home Minister Amit Shah also appealed for a massive turnout by tweeting in a very similar tone.

In his message to the people of Bengal, Shah wrote, “One of your votes can be decisive in the coming days of change. So do not refrain from voting in any way.”

The Home Minister wrote in a tweet, “People’s peace in both states and Development is possible only through people’s participation in the electoral process. ” At the same time, Shah’s request to the people of Assam is to participate fully in the voting process. In particular, he appealed to this generation of voters in Assam. Home Minister urges new generation to come forward to vote in “peaceful and self-reliant unequal formation”.

Context, 9 in Medinipur today, 6 in Bankura, East Voting has started in 9 constituencies of Midnapore and 4 constituencies of South 24 Parganas Voting is going on under tight security of the central forces The polling process in Keshpur, Debra and Nandigram is largely peaceful except for a few sporadic incidents. Although EVMs have failed in some places, the voting is going on smoothly. Voters lined up at the booths in the morning to escape the scorching heat The presence of female voters there is quite eye-catching. Voting is going on in every booth following all the rules.

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