Mamata will fight from any other seat? Modi’s demand was rejected by the Trinamool

Mamata will fight from any other seat?  Modi's demand was rejected by the Trinamool

The demand of the Prime Minister was met by the grassroots leadership

Speaking at a meeting in Uluberia on the same day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Mamata Banerjee had accepted her defeat in Nandigram.

Mamata Banerjee 6 Prime Minister Narendra Modi made such a demand from the meeting in Uluberia on this day However, the ruling Shibir has directly rejected the Prime Minister’s demand Top Trinamool Congress leadership sources claim that Mamata is not contesting from any other seat in the state except Nandigram.

Accepted 6 After this, escalating the political speculation, the Prime Minister said, “Didi, nominations are still being submitted for the last round of voting. I hear rumors that you can submit nominations from any other constituency for the last round of voting, is it true? You went to Nandigram, people answered you The Prime Minister also scoffed at why Mamata Banerjee had to stay in Nandigram for three days.

Trinamool top leadership unwilling to heed PM’s demand. According to party sources, the Chief Minister of Nandigram is 100 percent sure of the victory As a result, there is no possibility of him contesting from a second seat The ruling party alleges that the Prime Minister and the BJP camp are deliberately trying to spread such rumors to mislead the people. Despite being stuck for almost two hours, confident Mamata Banerjee has claimed that her victory from Nandigram is certain. The Chief Minister also demanded that 90 per cent of the votes in Nandigram would go to the Trinamool Congress Mamata also showed the victory sign in front of the journalists

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