Nandigram Vote: Commission calls for report on ‘useless’ web casting in Nandigram

Nandigram Vote: Commission calls for report on 'useless' web casting in Nandigram

Report summons commission

In the second phase, the Election Commission had arranged web casting at booths in several centers like Nandigram for proper monitoring of the election process.

#Nandigram: Nandigram, the most important center, has been heating up since the morning of the second round of voting on Thursday. The ruling Trinamool Congress has accused the BJP of rigging the polls. However, the people of Nandigram are happy with the election process of the commission. The BJP has demanded peaceful voting at the ‘high voltage’ center. However, in the meantime, it was alleged that web casting was useless in most of the booths in Nandigram.

But sources said that in addition to network problems, many booths have been accused of turning on the camera. Due to which the commission got into trouble in observing the direct vote. It is also alleged that there was a problem with the camera during web casting in about 2,000 booths. Deputy Election Commissioner Sudip Jain has asked for a report on the network problem. There are a total of 355 booths in Nandigram. In 75% of which web casting was arranged by the commission. Although there was a problem of web casting in most of the booths throughout the day on Thursday. There were network problems and it was alleged that the cameras were turned on in many booths. Commission sources said that such incidents have taken place where the political party is strong. As a result, the commission has to get enough speed to directly monitor the election of high voltage Nandigram.

Not only Nandigram, the commission has problems with web casting cameras in at least 2000 booths in four districts Sources said. Deputy Election Commissioner Sudip Jain has already sought a report from the state CEO.

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