60 meetings in 28 days, road show! Why is the grassroots taking the campaign by storm with Abhishek?

#Kolkata: The BJP had targeted Mamata Banerjee and the Trinamool Congress before the elections to embarrass them. But after Mamata Banerjee in the election campaign, it was Abhishek Banerjee who took the grassroots campaign across the state. Abhishek’s latest schedule says he has held public meetings and road shows in 70 assembly constituencies in 10 districts of the state in 28 days. A total of 48 meetings and 14 road shows are to be held by 7 Trinamool MPs

After Mamata Banerjee, her debut in this year’s election is undoubtedly the biggest star campaigner of the Trinamool. No matter how much the BJP attacks him personally, this young Trinamool leader is campaigning everywhere from North Bengal to South Bengal. The schedule for the inauguration till the fourth round of elections in the state is virtually the same as that of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

From Narendra Modi to Amit Shah, JP Nadda – top BJP leaders are regularly making personal attacks on Abhishek. But the ruling party is relying heavily on Abhishek after Mamata to storm the campaign without actually implementing the BJP’s strategy. A separate helicopter has also been allotted for Abhishek due to his busy schedule.

Looking at his debut schedule since the election was announced, it will be clear how he is running from one end to the other to bring success to the party. Abhishek has started campaigning for the first round of elections on March 28 from March 14 He has held a total of 39 public meetings and road shows till March 31 In the first phase, since the elections were held in the districts of Jangalmahal, including two Medinipur, Abhishek went to Jhargram, Bankura, Purulia and two Medinipur districts. Abhishek also held a meeting in South 24 Parganas for the second phase Abhishek left for Kochbihar and Alipurduar in North Bengal on March 31 to hold three public rallies. The Trinamool MP has moved to his khastaluk Diamond Harbor in South Bengal on Friday, the day the Chief Minister started campaigning in North Bengal. He is scheduled to hold 21 more public meetings and road shows between April 2 and 6 And this time, Abhishek will mainly focus on the South 24 Parganas

However, not only the campaign, but also on election days, the Trinamool MP is handling important responsibilities for the party According to grassroots sources, Abhishek is closely monitoring the entire process on election days. He is also instructing the party leaders if necessary The Diamond Harbor MP did not hold a public meeting or road show on March 26 and April 1, the first two days of voting. However, according to the inauguration schedule, he will campaign in the South 24 Parganas on April 8, the day of the third round of voting. However, it is 6 after 5 pm When the voting process is practically over

According to Trinamool insiders, the party’s plan is to return to all the assembly constituencies in the state, either Mamata Banerjee or Abhishek Banerjee. Mamata and Abhishek will both campaign in important centers like Nandigram As has been seen in the case of several assembly seats in Jangalmahal, Abhishek has been campaigning there even after the Chief Minister convened a meeting to increase the party’s chances of victory.

In the words of a top Trinamool leader, ‘Abhishek is attracted to young voters Besides, Abhishek is also in charge of the grassroots youth organization His meetings are well attended. Looking at the grassroots rallies during the election campaign, it can be seen that Mamata Banerjee’s rallies are crowded with women. Abhishek’s public meeting or road show attracts more young people Another Trinamool leader said, “The BJP wants to target underage voters in the state. But they have no idea how popular Abhishek is among the younger generation Abhishek has the ability to pull people After the Chief Minister, Abhishek is the only leader whose meeting is getting a good crowd People want to see him once, want to hear him. ‘

He is targeting BJP leaders by attacking them as outsiders like Mamata The Trinamool MP is also trying to explain how far the state government’s development projects are ahead of the central ones.

The BJP, however, is not particularly concerned about the storm of inauguration debates across the state In the words of a BJP leader, “The more Abhishek preaches, the more people’s anger against family system and grassroots corruption will increase.” This will ultimately benefit the BJP The Trinamool, however, is relying heavily on that debut after Mamata Banerjee to prove the BJP leaders wrong.

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