In Nandigram alone, the second round surpassed the first round in terms of voter turnout

#Kolkata: Nandigram BJP candidate Shuvendu Adhikari claimed that the turnout in Nandigram would exceed 65 per cent. According to the final list of turnout in the second phase of the state elections, the turnout in Nandigram was 8.01 per cent. Not only Nandigram, but the overall turnout in the second round was higher than in the first round.

Apart from the two Midnapore, Bankura and Purulia constituencies, polling was held on Thursday in the southern 24 parganas. According to the Election Commission, the average turnout in the four districts was 7.11 percent The highest number of votes was cast in East Midnapore district The turnout was 7.42 percent

Apart from this, the turnout in West Midnapore was 63.64 percent In Bankura and South 24 Parganas it was 7.98 per cent and 8.11 per cent respectively. Of the 30 constituencies that went to the polls on Thursday, Bankura’s Kotulpur had the highest turnout (90 per cent). On March 26, the turnout in the first round of 30 seats was just over 72 percent

Nandigram 7 was in the spotlight in the second round of voting After the polls, Trinamool candidate and state chief minister Mamata Banerjee claimed that the ruling party would get 90 per cent of the votes in Nandigram. BJP candidate Shuvendu Adhikari is also confident that he will win if he gets more votes.

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