Mamata did not obstruct the polls in any way, the report of the boycott went to Delhi, the laughter was wide grassroots

#Kolkata: Special police observer Vivek Dubey’s report on the Bayal incident has made the grassroots laugh. In a letter to the Election Commission’s top office in Delhi, Vivek Dubey said polling in Nandigram’s Bayal on Thursday was not disrupted in the presence of the chief minister.

Mamata Banerjee was keeping an eye on the whole matter from her house even though Shuvendu Adhikari had been visiting the booths since morning during the Nandigram polls. Although the allegations are scattered from various places, most of the complaints come from Boal, the BJP has been repeatedly accused of intimidating voters. Finally, Mamata Banerjee left her home in Reyapara at 1:15 pm and went straight to Boal Boat No. 7. He stayed in that booth for two hours in the style of a proper dharna. From there he contacted the governor and from there wrote a letter to the commission on the writing pad. He was also heard going to court. In this situation, the commission summoned the report of the whole incident by 6 pm on Friday.

In that report today, Vivek Dubey said that the warring parties (BJP and Trinamool) were blowing against each other by the time Mamata reached outside Boal No. 8. In this situation, it was difficult to get Mamata Banerjee out of there for security reasons.

He also wrote in the report that there were no major problems in conducting the polls in the area. The report also mentions the role of IPS Nagendranath Tripathi. IPS Tripathi came in the headlines yesterday. Mamata Banerjee left Boal for Sonachura after entrusting her with the task of conducting the elections in a fair manner for the rest of the time.

The BJP did not take Mamata Banerjee’s position well. Shuvendu Adhikari said in an annoyed tone on Thursday, what is he sitting there doing! The BJP delegation also submitted a complaint to the commission today. They complained that Mamata’s presence in Bayal had slowed down the voting process. That allegation was washed away and cleared in Vivek Dubey’s letter. It is not known what will happen in the actual match, but Mamata won the two-hour T20.

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