Rumors of disintegration spread about PK-Trinamool, what Saugat Roy said about the results of Nandigram …

Kolkata: The second round of voting is over. However, the discussion on Nandigram, the counter-discussion, is not stopping. Especially why the Chief Minister spent about two hours in Booth No. 6 of Boyal, so the BJP camp frowned. In this atmosphere, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, who came to campaign in the state, say that Nandigram victory is certain. Trinamool counter, Modi-Shah is spreading rumors. Amit Shah’s election prediction is wrong.

At a press conference on Friday afternoon, Saugat Roy said that Modi Shah was spreading various rumors about Nandigram. We learned to talk to staff. , Trinamool got very good votes there. In other words, Mamata Banerjee is going to win in Nandigram.

In this context, the Trinamool representatives have complained to the Election Commission about the central forces. Mamata Banerjee also told the North Bengal meeting that the CRPF was being misused at the behest of the Home Minister. He also said that he would go one step further and join the movement. In his words, the way the central forces are working is highly reprehensible. We have already informed the Election Commission. If the commission does not take action, I will be forced to protest.

It is to be noted that as soon as the Nandigram vote is over, rumors are spreading that the knot of the peaceful teen-grassroots is being severed. By completely refuting this theory, Saugat Roy took the BJP to task for spreading such rumors. There is also the issue of the Income Tax department attacking Stalin’s family in Tamil Nadu. In Saugatar’s words, the BJP’s desire for revenge is intense. Leaders are also being harassed during elections using such agencies. Mamata Banerjee also wrote a letter about this a few days ago. He said in the letter addressed to the leaders of the ABJP states, thus uniting the states against the use of agencies like ED, CBI for political purposes. Is bringing up this issue again and again an indication of creating a third range in the national arena? Speculation has started in the political arena.

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