The BJP is angry with the commission in the Bayal case, alleging Mamata’s two-hour stand

#Kolkata: Shortly after the Trinamool Congress representatives left the commission, an L-BJP delegation came to the commission’s office. Mamata Banerjee’s position is at the root of the BJP’s allegations. Mamata Banerjee’s party is putting pressure on the Election Commission, obstructing free and fair elections. Besides, BJP leaders want to draw the attention of the commission to the incident of candidate Deepak Haldar being injured on Friday. It is to be noted that BJP central officials are also going to the commission’s Delhi office today.

On the same day, BJP representative Shishir Bajoria and Tathagata Roy came to lodge a complaint with the commission. “We have never seen a candidate go to a booth and sit for two hours in the past,” said Shishir Bajoria. As a result, the voting process in Nandigram has slowed down. Candidates can certainly go to the polls, but cannot do anything that would create a situation of lawlessness. Its sole purpose is to slow down the voting process. Shishir Bajoria alleges that grassroots are intimidating BJP workers in different areas.

Tathagata Roy also opened his mouth in this context. He said what the grassroots has done is not right. We have informed the whole matter to the commission.

But what is the reason for this heat of BJP? What did the Trinamool Supremo do? Mamata Banerjee was keeping an eye on the whole matter from her house even though Shuvendu Adhikari had been visiting the booths since morning during the Nandigram polls. Although the complaints are scattered from different places, most of the complaints come from Boal. Mamata Banerjee left her home in Reyapara at 1:15 pm and went straight to Boal No. 7. He sits in that booth for two hours in the style of dharna. From there he contacted the governor and from there wrote a letter to the commission on the writing pad. He was also heard going to court. Outside, the two sides of the war are blowing against each other. Mamata Banerjee clearly complained that outsiders had disrupted the voting process at the booth.

IPS Nagendra Tripathi, who is in charge of Nandigram, attended the event. He promised Mamata Banerjee that the unrest would not be repeated. The rest of the time the vote will be transparent. Then Mamata left the place. The BJP claims that the incident has slowed down the voting process. Gerua Shibir wants to draw the attention of the commission on this issue.

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