April 17, 2021

The Times of Bengal

Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

্দ্রCentral forces can’t see identity cards, TMC responds to allegations by commission

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#Kolkata: During the first two rounds of voting, the Trinamool Congress has repeatedly accused the central forces of influencing voters. Sometimes entering the booth and asking to see the certificate, sometimes entering the village and threatening the voters, there is no end to the complaints. In this situation the commission sat motionless. Today, the ADG met with ADG Law Enforcement Jagmohan and Central Force Nodal Officer Ashwini Kumar. They have been explicitly told not to repeat the incident where the force is looking at the certificate.

After the Nandigram elections, the central forces are verifying the identity cards of the voters – various political parties have complained to the commission about this picture on Friday. The electoral rules state that such acts are outside the control of the central forces. Apart from this, allegations are being made that central forces or state police forces have infiltrated several booths in Nandigram. The Trinamool leader has repeatedly spoken out against it. Other political parties have also opened their mouths about this. Clearly, neither the army nor the police have the authority to enter the booth under the election rules. The rule is that the police or forces must get permission from the presiding officer to enter the booth. And the responsibility of voter card verification is with the fast polling officer. In this regard, Mamata Banerjee has already written to Deputy Election Commissioner Sudip Jain asking him to look into the matter. A letter from the Trinamool was also given to the commission.

Later this morning, the CEO had a meeting with Ashwini Kumar, Nodal Officer, ADG Law and Order and Central Forces. Complaints were seriously discussed at this meeting. The CEO instructed the two officers to look into the allegations and report to the commission. Besides, it has been clearly alleged that this cannot be done in the future. 11 identity cards are considered valid for voting. You can vote with any one of them.

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