From Amphan to Abbas, what Mamata said in the average defense in the South 24 Parganas …

# Locksmith: Game of Thrones. Everything was in his hands. Only with the arrival of Amphan, the soil under the feet has moved. In this situation, Mamata Banerjee, desperate to defend the average in the election battle, held a joint meeting in the South 24 Parganas. He gave the reason for the selection of the candidate, his weapon was his activities in natural disasters. At the same time, he pierced the BJP with polarization.

During the Lok Sabha polls, the existence of grass flowers in the southern 24 parganas was intact even during the Gerua storm. The Trinamool had the lead in 31 of the 31 seats. From the very first day, Mamata set foot on this impenetrable ground and said from the very beginning, “South 24 Parganas is the birthplace of the grassroots.” “We have built 20 lakh houses in Amfan. If anyone did not get the money, they will get the money. The whole city of Kolkata was devastated in Amfan. Whether it is Amphan or Fani, I have even helped in the tsunami,” said Mamata Banerjee. “As the railway minister, I rushed to Ayla. What would have happened if I had not guarded the area that day, how many people would have died!”

Mamata is still praying for the vote in her own name, saying that the candidate can have both likes and dislikes, but the vote should be given to him. He explained, “Bengal is not in the hands of Bengal, it is an election to decide whether it will go out of Bengal. I cannot form a government alone. I have to get 200 each.”

In Raydighi, Mamata has already explained why she did not nominate Debashree Roy. He even said that the BJP candidate wanted a ticket from him. Mamata’s weapon in maintaining the existence of her party by removing the tug of war is her development model. When the BJP is talking about a double engine government. Mamata remarked, “They have lowered the interest rates of the banks again, abruptly suspended them in the face of the vote. The price of gas will go up to Rs 2,000. The riots have brought down the prices of the people.”

Gradually the topic of El Abbas Siddiqui. In the past, he opened his mouth about this, but today, for the first time, he attacked without mentioning his name. Mamata knows very well that Abbas’s main battle is in these 24 parganas. So Mamata’s war roar, “Robbers have come with the CPM-Congress. It is to the advantage of the BJP if the minority votes. This is how it lost in Bihar. I will not allow Bengal to lose. I will tell the minority brothers to swear not to vote for any of them.”

The BJP has resorted to polarization in many places in the Bangabhote this time. In Nandigram, Shuvendu Adhikari has openly called the Muslim-dominated area Mini Pakistan. Returning to the answer, Mamata said, they want to divide Hindus and Muslims. In our Bengali culture, we Hindus and Muslims live together. We have tea at each other’s house, we worship Durga together, we celebrate Eid together. El Nandigram context. Mamata claimed that a Muslim family had given shelter to the wife of her party’s injured activist Rabin Manna.

Mamata’s last tool in the stormy meeting of South 24 Parganas was morality, values. Mamata said, “Voting for the BJP is a setback. They will actually end Bengal.”

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